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This is an English translation of a dwarf game by Manu Sáez  for #jdr200palabras (200 word RPG jam, Spanish) which Eneko Palencia laid out beautifully before Eneko Menica & I pounced about translations into Basque and English, respectively. It was also translated into Catalan by Miguel Ángel Martínez Castilla, then into Galician by Sergio Cotelo. All five versions of the game can be found at http://nogarung.com/hijos-de-la-piedra/ - and although it translates directly to "Sons of the Stone", I opted for "Children" because I like to imagine you can play as lady dwarves (with or without beards) and any gender-expansive option you prefer at your table. In my mind, they reproduce by carving the next generation out of the earth and singing the same song which gave them life. Who sang the first dwarves into being? Play it, and tell the story your way.

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Each page has three character sheets ready to cut/tear off for your fellow players.

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